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TTE offer calibration solution for most of electric and electrical instruments, high and low end range. TTE also capable for site calibration job when requested by customer. Hold an accreditation ISO IEC/17025, TTE provides SAMM’s endorsed certificate and calibrated sticker for equipment calibrated under our accreditation scope. (SAMM's Cert) (Calibration Service Scope)

Calibrate with Accreditation SAMM No.246

RF Equipment Low-End Equipment
1. Signal Generator 1. Am Meter
2. Universal Counter 2. Multimeter
3. Function Generator 3. Audio Generator
4. Digital Radio Comm Tester 4. DC Power Supply
5. Audio Radio Tester 5. Hi Pot Tester
6. Frequency Counter 6. Dielectric Analyzer
7. FFT Analyzer 7. Insulation Tester
8. Modulation Analyzer 8. Thermometer
9. SAT/TV/Fm Signal Meter 9. Clamp Meter
10. Signal Level Meter 10. Digital Power Meter
11. Multi Function Synthesizer 11. Withstand & Insulation Voltage Tester
12. Audio Analyzer 12. Oscilloscope
  13. Earth Tester
14. Digital Hi Tester
15. Electronic Counter / Load
16. Electrical Safety Tester
17. Process Meter
Please send us Request for Quotation (click here) for other equipments not in our list or contact at 03-42804648.

Calibration Service Scope
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Appointed Calibration Lab
TTE was appointed as a PCTEL Inc. Calibration services provider for end-user in Asia-Pacific area.
PCTEL - Certificate of Authorization

RF Solution Products

  1. SeeGull Scanning Receivers
  2. SeeGull MX
  3. SeeGull EX
  4. Clarify

Calibration Certificates
Calibration Certificates
Calibration Service Scope
Calibration Service Scope