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Toyotech Engineering Sdn Bhd (TTE) was incorporated in Nov 1999 and in Mar 2000 started it's operations to provide a calibration services for electrical and electronic instrument with latest calibration technology. TTE is a subsidiary company of Toyotech Co. Ltd. Which is one of the well know calibration services provider in Japan. (click here)

In May 2003, TTE obtained accreditation of MS ISO/IEC17025 awarded by Malaysia Laboratory Accreditation Scheme for electrical calibration. (click here)

In Nov 2010, TTE are recognized under the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooporation Mutual Recognition ILAC MRA (click here)

From President Toyo Keisokuki Co. Ltd

President: Hidetsugu Yamaki

The Company was founded in the "Akihabara" Electric Town in the world, as a pure technology company that does not have a color maker for over half a century series until today, we are developing a high-quality operating activities.
Resale products utilizing the features of Sale (Used with warranty), recycled products (no guarantee), which exhibit more than 2000 stock at all times no less popular as a new corner, please visit us at any time, especially for the hand.
In addition, in Akihabara because there are many customers who need to collect information and consultation of various countries on the instrument, we are focusing on concierge measurement, Historic Gallery, service shops (such as center and calibration repair), but this service multipurpose .

Flush anything in mind the "one-stop shop", so we aim to trading in order to help in the future if everyone on the instrument that, thank you means.

Our Vision
Electrical calibration provider to multinational company.

Our Mission
Constantly strive for success in quality attainment to achieve customer satisfaction
through our commited excellent teamwork and professional service.

Our Objective
1 To enhance international market share and expand regionally gearing towards advancement of technology.
2 To strive for continually improvement in delivering timely, efficient and cost effective service exceeding our customer satisfaction.
3 To establish and maintain the management system in accordance with the general requirements setforth per MS ISO/IEC 17025 as competent and internationally recignized calibration laboratory.
4 To continually provide training and upgrading the skills of all personnel concerned with calibration activities within the laboratory to better familiarization with the documented management system.